Hit-Boy Insists Hitmaka Doesn’t Make Beats


Hit-Boy says Hitmaka doesn’t even make beats in his latest response to Hitmaka over production styles and relevancy.

In an interview with Home Grown Radio, which premiered last Wednesday (March 15) on YouTube, Hit-Boy was asked about his lyrical diss at Hitmaka on the Alchemist-assisted banger “Slipping Into Darkness.” The California-based producer said he had already finished recording the song before Hitmaka made his “Hit-Boy is not on the radio” comment during his interview on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show. But once he heard that, Hit-Boy revised his verse to include a lyrical jab at Hitmaka and his production style.

Hit-Boy would later tell the hosts that he doesn’t respect how Hitmaka makes his beats and has heard through the grapevine that Hitmaka has been talking trash about him behind the scenes.

“First off, the conversation is over. He don’t make beats,” he said about the Chicago producer at the 7:20-mark in the video below. “I’m really hand-crafting new styles, coming with different bounces, different drum patterns, different types of ways of thinking of the music and this man don’t even make the beat and he got the nerve to speak on me.”

Hit-Boy‘s remarks are in response to Hitmaka who discussed his competitiveness with other producers during his interview on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning.

“See, I’m on the radio. Hit-Boy is not on the radio,” Hitmaka said. “I love Hit-Boy. Hit-Boy is a legend. He’s a legendary producer. He been doing it way longer than me. He’s a great guy. But I’ma keep it a bean though, if you play the soundtrack to your life for the last four or five years on radio, I know it’s gotta be frustrating with him because our names are so similar, my brother. But Hitmaka. Nah, shout out to Hit-Boy, we love him.”

“I’m just competitive,” he added. “This is where I will give Hit-Boy his praise, though. He’s been running longer than I been running in that field.”

Hit-Boy is going to prove just how talented he is on the mic and behind the production boards with his upcoming album Surf or Drown, which arrives at digital stores on Friday (March 24).

Watch Hit-Boy Address Hitmaka, Announce New Album and More in Home Grown Radio Interview Below

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