Sham Releases Brand New Ep Titled Discoveries

Shambhavi Raj or better known by her stage name Sham released her latest project Discoveries featuring 5 songs of multiple genres. This young singer and songwriter, with her enormous passion for music, and Indian blood in her veins has a dream to become a new Selena Gomez, and started training more on Western music. This eventually brought Sham to the composing and producing Discoveries.

Following her previous practice of recording songs in other languages, Sham gets back after 4 long years with this new project – an extremely rich proposition of a new kind of pop, which is full of ambient textures and groovy movements. Discoveries is a perfect fusion of western and eastern sounds which gives the young artist a potential boost and unique appeal in the music industry.

Our personal favorite is the single “Stars” which gives the listener some sort of nostalgic vibes and we are pleased to oversee Sham’s professional growth, which means we are going to hear more from the multi-talented artist soon.