Check-Out aku’s Special Aesthetics In “rose gold in paris town”

Long Island, NY-based American urban artist aku drops a stylish video to pair his biggest hit to date, “rose gold in paris town.” Rose, gold, and paris; three terms that merge in style, visually and sonically. Aku has surpassed the 250k threshold with this track that was initially released last year. 

Nicheing in the pop-rap and hip hop genres, aku has been honing his skills for a while now, developing his very own sonic aesthetics as heard on “rose gold in paris town.”

His main source of inspiration lies in supporting fans in conquering sorrow and pain through art, and of course leading by example. 

His rhyme scheme formulation is that of a skilled wordsmith, with a special ability to convey complex thoughts via simple words. 

Aku has had plenty of major achievements during his life, as an actor and a model who has made appearances in the prestigious publication Vogue magazine.