Here Are 20 Signs You’re a Tyler, The Creator Fan

It’s time to discuss how much of a Tyler, The Creator fan you are. For over a decade now, the West Coast-raised artist has built a super solid following through his now defunct Odd Future collective and still-scorching solo run. Real day ones not only appreciate Ty’s musical prowess, but they also identify with the ingredients that fill his essence.

Any devotee of Tyler's artistry knows Odd Future is one of the first names that come to mind. Find yourself in front of some pink and yellow donuts like the ones used in the transformative hip-hop group's logo, and immediately think of OF, you know you're a Tyler fan through and through. If you’re also from Los Angeles, you might also envision Randy’s Donuts, the inspiration behind the emblem. Not too distant from that memory are the lyrics from the collective’s one and only cypher “Oldie.” A Golf Wang supporter can rap every verse with precision and passion.

Being a Tyler enthusiast also means that skating and biking have special places in your heart. You similarly love cars, but can agree that there’s nothing like floating through Los Angeles on a smaller set of wheels. While cruising in your preferred mode of transportation, you may wave at a few bystanders along the way. Not on the note of being super friendly though, but in order to show off a manicure that you take pride in rocking. Like Tyler, your nails are just another customized expression of your soul.

Maybe not everything applies, but if you can relate to at least half, it’s safe to say that you are a dedicated follower of Tyler, The Creator. Test out your fandom below with these 20 signs.

Signs You’re a Tyler, The Creator Fan