Amirah Shares A Powerful Message On Her New Single “Tell Me”

“Am I my fear, am I my faith / Am I my love, am I my hate / Am I the steel beneath my skin / Or just the doubt that hides within? / And can I still forgive my sins and find my grace?”

With her powerful lyricism and in no way inferior instrumentation, the multi-talented singer-songwriter Amirah presented the whole world with a song that is actually a call for unity, solidarity, and understanding. She masterly managed to express her pain and grief about the state of her native Malaysia when she created the touching song titled “You Are My Land,” showing her audience that she values not only top-notch music but also the state of humanity beyond the borders of her motherland.
While being passionate about fusing pop music with traditional instruments, Amirah is steadily becoming a force that builds bridges between eastern and western cultures and philosophies, always promoting unity and pride in one’s cultural heritage.

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