American Retro-Pop Artist Em Releases Latest Album Pathway to Aetheria

American retro-pop artist EM has just recently shared her latest collection of songs under the form of an album titled Pathway To Aetheria, an 8-track record that follows-up on her debut album titled Em. If we compare both Em’s debut albums, we can undoubtedly say that the latter is more personal and seems to have been written in an earlier stage of the singer-songwriter’s life, as it contains more intimate details and observations than on her first self-titled release. Apart from that, Em coherently continues fulfilling her mission as a healer who uses the medium of music to greatly help people with their own personal hardships, simply by sharing her understanding of life, and lessons learned along the way. During the strange covid-19 times the world is going through, Em’s music is the perfect refuge to find some heartwarming feelings and energies, while also being tenderly invited to rethink the way we see our own past, present, and future.