Wack 100 Reacts to Video of 6ix9ine Getting Jumped in Bathroom


Wack 100 has reacted to video of 6ix9ine being brutally assaulted in a gym bathroom.

Last night, (March 21), video surfaced of 6ix9ine getting jumped by a trio of men in a LA Fitness bathroom. Predictably, the viral footage has the internet going nuts. Wack 100, who worked with Tekashi in the past, has weighed in on the incident.

“It’s unfortunate what happened to 6ix9ine,” Wack wrote in a post on Instagram (below). “He’s a good guy. Life is full of lessons. This isn’t about his so called street situation. This is about decision making on both sides. The ones who filmed and posted themselves will remember this day for years to come. And 69 will now know he has to move accordingly. #staydangerous & don’t hesitate. Wish him a speedy recovery.”

Wack 100 captioned the post, “They did him like this for Snitching , then turned around and Snitched on themselves … Clout is the New Crack. @6ix9ine I wish you a speedy recovery …..”

6ix9ine has been a trending topic since video came out of him getting hands and feet put on him while he cowered in the fetal position on the bathroom floor of a LA Fitness.

“That’s how they supposed to treat your b*tch-a*s,” one man yells before stomping on 6ix9ine‘s ribs. “Ol’ Mickey Mouse-a*s, clown-a*s n***a. Take a picture. I wanna be famous now, n***a.”

Another video clip shows Tekashi post-stomp out, bleeding from his face and head.

“Y’all n****s jumped me,” is all the disoriented Brooklyn, N.Y. rhymer can muster before skedaddling out of the bathroom where onlookers stared in shock.

Police and EMS were reportedly called to the scene and 6ix9ine was transported to the hospital.

Of course, the internet has weighed in with all kinds of jokes, seeing this as the rapper’s comeuppance for snitching on his former associates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang and claiming he is untouchable afterward.

See Wack 100’s Take on 6ix9ine Getting Beat Up in a Bathroom in LA Fitness Below

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