Here Are DJ Khaled’s Funniest Catchphrases

When you get as famous as DJ Khaled and you've got a self-aware sense of humor, you tend to rack up some hilarious quotes. Not one to get shy when the cameras and microphones turn on, Khaled is always going to give you a show, and a big part of it will usually involve catchphrases.

Khaled, who started out building his rep as a DJ in Florida clubs before moving on to become a respected producer, has used his charisma and sense of humor to jump into commercials, movies and priceless social media moments on his way to being a meme-able cultural staple. It's all because of who he is. He's funny, motivational and truly a person who toes the line between taking himself too seriously and being in on the joke.

His knack for snappy catchphrases came to the forefront back in 2015. That's when Khaled became a phenomenon on Snapchat, with his exploits making him seem like almost like a wrestler with a bunch of platinum plaques. Khaled is both naturally funny and a skilled showman; he just knows when to turn it on, His array of catchphrases, from "Lion order!" to "They dont want you to…" took him to incredible heights. Whether it was daytime TV interviews with Ellen DeGeneres and Wendy Williams or becoming part of a promotional campaign for Ciroc and appearing in the 2017 superhero film Spider-Man: Homecoming. Simply put, Khaled can be seen everywhere and anywhere, and a big reason is his memorable catchphrases.

Whether he's pronouncing words incorrectly and not trying to fix them or telling you how to not play yourself, Khaled's been able to maintain his relevance whether he's dropping albums or not. He has the "it" factor, and this list below showcases that.

Today, XXL highlights some of his funniest quotes in interviews, music videos, social media clips and more. Check out the list below the break.

  • “Did the Drake Vocals Come in Yet?”

  • “Support Me.”

  • “I Have So Much Jewelry.”

  • “Not Everybody Can Talk Cloth.”

  • “Lion!”

  • “I’m Cut From a Special Fabric.”

  • “I Changed…a Lot.”

  • “They Don’t Want You to….”

  • “You Smart.”

  • “Another One.”

  • “The Poops and Throw-Ups Are Super Blessings.”

  • “Perhaps a Little Gluten-Free Cookie?”

  • “Had to Put That Work in, and Let Her Know, Don’t Ever Play Yourself.”

  • “Accreate.”

  • “I Ain’t Regular Like These Other People, This Is DJ Khaled, This Is Special Cloth Alert.”

  • “The Key Is Not to Drive a Jet-Ski at Night!”