Streets Soprano – U Hear Me

Buffalo, NY – “U Hear Me” is the fifth studio album from Black Soprano Family artist Streets Soprano. It portrays a vivid picture of life born and bred on the streets of Buffalo’s grim east side. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Streets couldn’t tour and move forward with the rest of the sopranos and had to work extra hard and consistently to make his own way.

He wanted more out of life and had to put in the work and push forward his own label, Trust Nobody Music Group. Every track portrays real, raw details about life on the east side. “Family” was inspired by his TNB family, label mates, and the Buffalo community.

“Buffalo, NY” was inspired by a drive-thru Buffalo. “Cocaine Fest” came from his old lifestyle that he left behind to pursue music full time. These chilling and organic bars can not be made up. With Imminent and 99Busco on the beat, the tone was set for an instant classic. Released by Trust Nobody Music Group/Black Soprano Family Records 2022.