Mustafa brings out the hood during his Junos performance

Mustafa The Poet has been making crazy waves over the past few years with his single “Stay Alive” giving us a folk vibe but spitting some of the most real lyrics that will hit home to anyone who has come from the lifestyle Mustafa has come from, Gaining worldwide attention from his music it’s only right that he gets to bless the Junos with his presence.

During Mustafa’s live performance at tonight’s Juno awards, during the performance of his song “Stay Alive,” Mustafa called some of his friends from Regent Park to join him on stage and help perform the record. This is huge not only for his community but for our city as a whole, Showing that an artist really can put on for his community and allow everyone to be in the spotlight.

We’ve seen other artists bring out their community to share the stage within local shows and even shows outside of our small community here in the city. What did you think of his performance and how do you feel about the award show?