Seekay & Chloe’s Fruitful Collab At Its Best On New Track – “Wiser”

Seekay, a London-based producer, and Chloe, a talented singer with a beautiful voice, got together for a brand new release, “Wiser.” It is evident that the duo has a near-perfect creative chemistry as the song flows naturally into the heart of the listener. They have been working together for a while now, so it is safe to assume they know exactly what to expect from each other and how they want to create the sound best reflecting the feeling of the track. The song is an electronica-pop poetic act by the London-based Australian producer who serves us one of his best creations here.

“Wiser” is the reflection of Seekay’s and Chloe’s creative vision. It concentrates on the themes of abuse and youthful naiveness that does not allow us to judge the situations with a clear mind.