Rising Nigerian Artist Icebeatchillz Drops His Most Accomplished Project, “Area”

Hearing about new releases from newcomers and young artists is always a pleasure for any music enthusiast. All the time, we discover someone new and exciting. Well, you are lucky today as right now, you will discover a treasure from Nigeria who will steal your heart with warm Afro-dancehall vibes, positive energy, and infectious musicality. The rising artist with African roots calling himself Icebeatchillz brings Africa to you with his new track and music video release “Area.” 

The song is filled with exotic, feel-good, inspirational dance beats making you want to rock the dancefloor. The music is vivid and colorful, with so many spicy flavors mixing in an ocean of groove. The vocals are clear, strong, sometimes husky, the music is catchy, making you vibe with the beat. The Afro-dancehall melodies are filled with soulful string play, warm sounds, and intriguing pauses, making you wish for more. Spanish lyrics mixed with English verses make the track appear even more summer-filled and spicy. The small hip-hop part perfectly integrates into the mood of the song. The track is a collaboration with dancehall legend Beenie Man.

The video for Icebeatchillz’ “Area” is shot in beautiful, soul-fulfilling paysages of Jamaica and Nigeria. It shows young men playing football and beautiful ladies watching them, waving and fangirling.