Raynman – Feeling Good

Lancaster, USA – Raynman hits us with his new record titled “Feeling Good” this catchy record will have you feeling good in the most upsetting moods. The self-produced record talks about finding the good in any situation no matter what kind of mood you’re in.

Raynman wants to spread that love and positive energy within his daily life allowing his energy to spread on to someone else. Raynman talks about going through hell and expressing his pain on this record and he’s not trying to go through it again. Being a new uncle Raynman is proud and mentions it within this record.  Feeling Good and not questioning why is what he wants you to feel every day, make it normal. 

If you’re sad, in a bad mood, or just generally feeling out of place.. Listen to Feeling good and you will feel good.

You can find Raynman on social media via 

Twitter: @RealRaynman

Instagram: @Rayn_Supreme