Nash Flair Ft. Ryan Alan – Lil Uzi

Dallas, Texas – Nash Flair hit’s us with his new single “Lil Uzi” Ft. Super songwriter Ryan Alan.

Lil Uzi is an upbeat carefree summer anthem that’ll get your mind off the current pandemic and have you sitting in a multi-million dollar mansion pool party surrounded by models. If you’ve been in a depressive state because of COVID, Nash Flair & Ryan Alan will get you out of that.

The Lil uzi record hit’s right away and will have you memorizing the hook for the second time it comes in, The mainstream sounding record has the potential to blow. The song has a slight flex in it when they talk about flexing Rolex’s, flying private to L.A for record meetings but keeping it on the down-low because money will attract the fake from the real.

The record’s deeper meaning is a strong one that everyone needs to take in especially in our generation, Flexing is a culture but attracts the wrong people – If you keep your assets to a minimal flex you’ll be surrounded by more real people rather than the ones just using you for your money and what you have.

Overall, Nash Flair’s record “Lil Uzi” is one of our new favourite records to come from the states – I’m hoping we see a visual come for this one the world comes back to normal.

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