Jonni Apollo Brings Revolution To The Rap Genre With His New Drop “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)”

With his previous release, “Afieroméni Stin,” LA-based Latin-American rapper Jonni Apollo made it clear that he does not follow any stereotypes, and instead, he breaks them. His latest release, titled “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles),” came to prove he did not change his mind. Everything from the title to his rapping manner and the vibe are nothing like you used to hear within the hip-hop genre. Jonni spices up the game and gives a new, never tasted before flavor to it. 

“3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)” is overflown with heavy and mature lyricism peppered up with masterful wordplays, a unique vibe, and an atmospheric aura. The artist puts his heart in the song and sings it out with undeniable charisma, staying unapologetically true to himself. The sound is filled with groovy beats, edgy melodicism, and other earthly energy. 

Jonni reveals selfless dedication and devotion to his art, with an utmost professionalism accompanied by raw talent and strong background. He is unstoppable. With the release of “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles),” the artist owns his vision. The track is profoundly spiritual and enlightening, making the listening experience unreal in every sense.