Ep!K Unveils A Hypnotic Sophomore Album Titled The Onset Of Agnosthesia

Contemporary vocalist, sound engineer, and producer Ep!K returns to the game in full force with a brand new project; the sophomore album titled The Onset Of Agnosthesia, a record home to a collection of ten hypnotic tracks, among which the previously released hit single “Dancing By Myself.” After listening to “Dancing By Myself,” listeners will most certainly find some similarities between Ep!k and Michael Jackson, in the way the young artist sings and performs.

However, Ep!k does not limit himself to one box or genre. Instead, he loves to experiment with multiple styles, including electronica, Alt-R&B and Hip-Hop. He manages to create his own sonic aesthetics, displaying both artistic maturity and a sharp vision of the sound he is looking for. 

The Onset Of Agnosthesia marks Ep!k’s second album, after The Message That Never Got Sent, released in 2021, and home to seven tracks. 

Sharing some thoughts about what music represents for him, Ep!k says:

“I use music as a portal into my mind and world, and I also use it as a telephone to speak to those with whom I have experienced something. My music intends to perceive the world from my personal perspective and how it relates to you as the listener.”

The Onset Of Agnosthesia is set to speed-up his rise as one of the most talented and original creators out there, and rapidly expand his community of followers worldwide. 

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