Enjoy A Groovy Love Song By StevenCharles Called “Stay”

Young artist StevenCharles dropped his debut single “Stay” which is a beautiful song portraying the honeymoon phase of a newfound relationship. The music video features the Montreal dance scene, focusing on a dancing couple who seem to be in perfect harmony with each other. 

StevenCharles gently reminds his audience that life is actually great and there is much to be happy about through his soulful lyrics. Pop, r&b, and neo-soul vibes intertwine with incredible vocals, creating a feast for eyes and ears. Oozing positivity and affirming love, StevenCharles’s music compels listeners to find joy and be better. 

The Canadian artist resides in New York and records in Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta with his brother. The pair have been working together for a while, coming up with some amazing music that carries out StevenCharles’ vision of spreading support and helping his audience get through tough times. Fun, exciting and vibrant, “Stay” is a charming song to remember and a joy to listen to. 

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