Disco’s Back In Town With Yann Brassard’s New Music Video For “Overnight”

Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada-based young singer-songwriter, finalist of Québec’s La Voix 6 Yann Brassard, brings back the 70’s and 80’s mainstream back with the most unusual release possible. The multitalented artist released his track “Overnight” in the most awesome disco moods and sounds ever. Even though the release holds the disco energy, it is also overflowing with Yann’s unique signature-sound, which is evident in every detail. The most interesting fact about the song is about the process of its release. As Yann was locked up in a pandemic quarantine, he decided to record the song on his own and used only his mouth to get the necessary sounds. Everything besides the drum parts is recorded by mouth. Check “Overnight” to enjoy its catchy vibe and try to see if you can pay attention to the fact that there are no instruments after knowing the truth about the recording process. Have fun!