Dannii Scott – Beleza EP

California – Dannii Scott hit’s us with his new EP titled “Beleza” and it’s some lo-fi goodness.

Dannii Scott who is a electronic producer based out of Venice Beach has blessed us with his new 6 track EP that was inspired by a trip to South America directly inspired by the beauty of Brazil. This EP is something you can sit back and relax to while doing whatever it is that you do during these times, the EP will definitely draw some inspiration to yourself if you’re a creative just based off of the beat selection alone.

Dannii also tell us he has an upcoming album titled  ‘Saudade’ (a Portuguese term meaning profound nostalgia and emotional longing), was inspired by a planned indefinite trip to South America and he ended up falling in love with Brazil. DScott cites his childhood memories of listening to records played by his parents, who were hippies at heart, as key influences on the project. We’re told the Saudade EP album will suit fans of Mac Miller, Trippie Redd and Anderson.Paak so we’re looking forward to this one.

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