Adrian Aguilera – Ectotherm

(Los Angeles, CA) – Michigan-based recording artist/producer Adrian Aguilera is on a mission to take his career to the next level. Armed with potent lyrics and head-turning flows, he is steadily building up his skill set to become a global name. Always improving and always hungry for more, he shares something new to the world in the form of his latest track, “Ectotherm”.

Featuring his own production, Adrian Aguilera gets into “beast mode” as he exhibits why he’s an artist you need to get familiar with. Over beats that will rattle trunks and speakers everywhere, Adrian shows us why Michigan is home to some of the best spitters. Accompanying the single is a Sesame Street inspired music video that finds him being portrayed as a puppet, and showcasing a unique creativity that deserves to be respected. “Ectotherm” is featured on Adrian Aguilera’s newly released “MidKnight” EP, and he is gearing up to promote “Ectotherm” through social media, and follow up with more music in the coming months.

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Adrian Aguilera is an independent artist/producer who believes in being unique with your creations. An avid lover of poetry, he soon discovered that when he combined it with his love for music, he could create songs that left an impression on anyone who took a listen. Looking up to fellow Michigan rappers Eminem, Royce Da 5’9”, and Big Sean, Aguilera believes his name will be mentioned among legends, and he will leave a legacy behind that will inspire generations.

Adrian Aguilera’s “Ectotherm” is now available on his official Soundcloud channel while the music video is now playing on his official Youtube channel. To stay up to date with Adrian Aguilera, follow him on Instagram at @DRK__Knght.