Ayri’s “Closer”: A Musical Exploration Of Passion And Diversity

Music has always been a reflection of the world’s diversity, and emerging Pop artist, Ayri, takes this notion to new heights with her recent track, “Closer.” Drawing influences from a mosaic of global genres, she beautifully marries sensuality with profound emotional depth, all while weaving a tale of love’s commanding aura and the innate desire to establish lasting bonds.

In a recent interview, Ayri unveiled the backstory of her musical journey, the inception of “Closer,” and her collaborative magic with producer Valery. She paints a vivid picture of sitting in their studio, allowing the music to flow from the heart, with the track’s rhythms being a natural reflection of Earth’s vibrations and her inner energy. 

This creation process rings authentic, given that Ayri emphasizes that she only sings what she genuinely feels and can transmit. With an upcoming album in the pipeline, the musical landscape can eagerly await more such gems like “Shake” and “Closer” that continue to celebrate the energy of life, Ayri’s musical hallmark.

Listen to “Closer” here: