Watch These Pro Golfers Easily Finish Different Drake Lyrics


We know that Drake is beloved in the basketball world, but who knew that golfers were into the 6 God as well? Recently, a funny video surfaced of professional golfers finishing Drake‘s famous lyrics.

Professional Golfers Easily Finish Different Drake Lyrics

Earlier this month, the LIV Golf League posted on their social media accounts a video of several pro golfers playing a new lyric challenge. The game is quite simple, the golfers had to finish Drake‘s lyrics. Surprisingly, they did pretty well.

Dustin Johnson was asked to complete the Drizzy line “twenty-one.” He seemed confused at first, but then he responded, “Can you do something for me?” Of course, the lyric is from Drake and 21 Savage’s song “Rich Flex” from their collaborative album, Her Loss.

Bubba Watson was next. He was given the lyric, “Don’t you wanna dance with me,” to which he jokingly replied, “I can dance like Michael Jackson.” That former line was from Drake’s 2020 dance tune “Toosie Slide.”

Finally, a pro golfer was given the Drake line “Kiki,” to which he quickly said, “Do you love me.” That, of course, is from Drizzy’s 2018 viral hit song “In My Feelings.”

Honestly, we doubt that any of the golfers knew Drake’s verses by heart. However, the video shows that golfers don’t mind poking fun at themselves.

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Drake Is a Huge Sports Fan

There’s no question that Drake is a huge sports fan. He’s been spotted at various basketball games, including for his hometown team the Toronto Raptors. He hangs out on the sidelines of games and jokes around with the b-ball players.

Drizzy also bets on a variety of sporting events, most recently boxing. Earlier this month, the Grammy-winning rapper placed a whopping $250,000 wager on MMA fighter Nate Diaz to beat YouTube personality-turned-boxer Jake Paul in their main even fight. at American Airlines Center in Dallas. Unfortunately, Drake lost the bet as Paul defeated Diaz via an unanimous decision.

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Check out pro golfers reciting Drake verses below.

Watch Professional Golfers Finish Drake’s Lyrics

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