Toronto Rapper ELLSE releases his music video for “FREE” despite the controversy surrounding “Gigolo” rumors

Toronto artist ELLSE has had some controversy surrounding his name for a little while about being a “Gigolo” fake accounts trying to “Expose” him for what he does behind closed doors..

ELLSE did what no other artist would do .. He spoke on the issue through a record and released a music video that was creatively shot by “ShotByHuss” who is a beast when it comes to his visuals and turn around time.

ELLSE shows us one of his dm’s of a woman wanting to “Cuckhold” her husband.. ELLSE is playing the game right instead of “Faking relationships” to pay his rent he has women paying for his relations.. If women can do it why can’t men?

Check out the video and the record below and let him know what you think by following him on Instagram