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The best way to stand out has always centered on being unique, especially in music. Some of hip-hop’s most memorable artists got their start by simply turning left when everyone else turned right, or by filling a viable niche. Luh Tyler, the 17-year-old Tallahassee, Fla. product, checks both boxes. Going viral in the late summer/early fall with his song “Law and Order,” Tyler employs a kind of sing-song flow where he drags out the syllables in the last word of each bar. His raspy voice, light subject matter (girls, money and more money) and shining charisma turned him into an actual overnight sensation, considering “Law and Order” was only his third song ever.

While “Law And Order” got Tyler through the door when he released it in July of last year, he’s had songs before and after which illustrate that he isn’t a one-trick pony. “Jayda Wayda,” which was a nod to the influencer of the same name (because everyone knows her and he thinks she’s cute), feels like a building block of his current style. His future references of struggling to choose between Jayda Wayda and former XXL Freshman Rubi Rose are based off of this record, and his flow is more pointed than it is on “Law and Order.” Of course, “Law and Order” was bigger, sitting at 9 million YouTube views, but his subsequent records aren’t slouches either.

“Back Flippin,” released in December of 2022, shows an even more laidback and confident Luh Tyler, rhyming over a beat that feels like a summer ride with friends. As it closes in on nearly 3.5 million streams on YouTube, this helped Luh Tyler carry his momentum into 2023, where he swapped songs with fellow buzzing Florida rapper, Trapland Pat. Their two songs are “Can’t Move Wrong,” which is all energy. And “Backstreet,” a thoughtful break down of the ups and downs of hustling where Tyler is the feature. Both tracks dropped in late February, ahead of Luh Tyler’s debut project My Vision, slated to arrive at the end of March. Luh Tyler also has a remix of his song “Fat Racks” on the way, now featuring 2022 XXL Freshman Babytron. To put it plainly, Luh Tyler has a lot ahead of him; he’s crafted a rap career for himself in less than a year.

In this week’s episode of The Break: Live, Luh Tyler sits down to talk about his quick rise to fame, dropping out of school with plans to get his GED, “Law And Order” and more. Check out the video below.

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“Law & Order”

“Back Flippin”

“Can’t Move Wrong” featuring Trapland Pat

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