T.I. Confronts Club Promoter for Using Photo of Tip and Son King


UPDATE (Nov. 30):

T.I. has issued the following statement to XXL in response to a video clip in which he confronts a club promoter for using a photo of the rapper and son King to promote an event.

“Let’s not miss the point with all the entertainment,” Tip said through a representative. “It was the principle that was important here. S/O to the club owners for doing what’s right. Family is Forever & Business is Business…Long Live OG Clay.”

T.I. confronted an Atlanta club promoter after the club used an unsavory photoshopped image of him and his son King Harris on a promotional flyer.

T.I. Confronts Club Promoter for Using Photo of Tip and Son King

On Tuesday (Nov. 28), T.I. was seen on video reprimanding the promotional team for Atlanta’s Elleven45 Lounge. The Atlanta rapper was seen scolding the promoters for allegedly using a photoshopped picture of him with his son King in a headlock. The photo was reportedly used to promote the club’s R&B night on Wednesday (Nov. 29), which Tip and King were set to host. A separate flyer advertising the event also allegedly had an animated portrayal of T.I. choking out King similar to the way Homer Simpson does to his son Bart on The Simpsons.

The images were meant to capitalize off King and T.I.’s recent disagreement at the Atlanta Falcons’ game last Sunday (Nov. 26), and T.I. didn’t think the schtick was very funny.

“N***a you can talk to me. Until then, ain’t nothing going. Ain’t nobody getting nothing going, nothing,” T.I. exclaimed in the video below. “Call who you need to call, do what you need to do. Ain’t nothing happening, no money, no beers, no partying, no sections, nothing. You put me and mine on the muthaf**kin flyer, n***a get me everything. And if you can’t, don’t play with me. I don’t know if y’all from here, but n***a don’t play with me in this city. It’s my muthaf**kin city. Don’t play with me in this city.”

Eventually, the club changed the flyer photo to a more family-friendly one, and the event went on as planned.

XXL has reached out to T.I.’s team for further comment.

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T.I. Involved in Heated Argument With Son King Harris at Atlanta Falcons Football Game

The club dispute comes after T.I. was captured on video getting into a heated argument with King. The rap veteran had brought his family out to the Atlanta Falcons NFL Game and walked the team out onto the field. At one point during the game, King hopped on Instagram Live to livestream an intense debate he was having about his privilege with his father and mother, Tiny Harris.

After the video made the rounds on social media, T.I. responded in a statement shared on Instagram.

“Fck what dis internet talkin bout,” Tip wrote. “Da HFamily Tied Like a Knot We all We Got…4LIFE…Ima RIDE to da heavens or da depths of HELL bout my Jr. & ain’t nothing gon change that.”

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Watch T.I. confront a club promoter for using a distasteful photo of him and his son below.

Watch T.I. Confront Atlanta Club Promoter

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