Nicki Minaj Sends Out Veiled Threats to Anyone on Her ‘List’


Nicki Minaj is sending out veiled threats ahead of the release of her long-awaited Pink Friday 2 album.

Nicki Minaj Issues Ominous Threats

The highly anticipated new album from Nicki Minaj is a week away. On Thursday (Nov. 30), the head Barb in charge went on X, formerly known as Twitter, and shared two posts that featured ominous threats to anyone she has issues with.

“December 8th is COMING SOON,” she tweeted. “If you on my $h!t list, you will never EVER recover. The. Fkng. End.”

In another post, she insinuated she might be calling some people out on her upcoming release.

“Me when the clock strikes 12 on 12/08/23 & I get back AWWWLLLLL my licks,” she captioned a picture of a young girl laughing.

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Nicki Minaj Readies Pink Friday 2 Album

Pink Friday 2 is set to drop on Nicki Minaj’s birthday. The album, her first since 2018’s Queen, was initially scheduled to drop in October. In July, Nicki moved the date back to Nov. 17, and later decided her birthday, Dec. 8, would be the proper date. In September, Nicki dropped the single “The Last Time I Saw You.” She later previewed the song “Big Difference” while hosting and performing at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Nicki has been promoting the album heavily on social media, recently calling the project one of the greatest albums of all time.

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See Nicki Minaj’s post warning anyone on her “list” ahead of the release of her new Pink Friday 2 album below.

Nick Minaj Teases Pink Friday 2 Album

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