O.J. Simpson Says Jay-Z Misquoted Him on ‘The Story Of O.J.’


O.J. Simpson said that Jay-Z misquoted him on his 2017 track “The Story of O.J.”

On April 7, artist/fashion designer Augustus Lymon posted a video on his rareclothapparel Instagram account of his conversation with O.J. Simpson. In the clip, he asked O.J. about Jay-Z’s infamous lyric on “Story of O.J.”: “O.J. like, ‘I’m not Black, I’m O.J. …okay.” The NFL Hall of Famer was quick to clarify that Hov was incorrect with his verse and that he wasn’t talking about race when he made that statement.

“Well, first of all, [Jay-Z] didn’t say it right,” he explained. “When Johnnie [Cochran] was talking to me about it, and all that was going on was ‘Black, Black, Black,’ I said man, f**k being Black, this is me. This is about O.J. You know?”

“It wasn’t about Black or White. It was about, ‘These guys were after me,'” he continued. “So that’s how that was expressed. It wasn’t about, you know, ‘I’m not Black.’ It was about, this ain’t about being Black, this is about me.”

O.J.’s conversation with Johnnie may be in reference to his 1995 murder trial, in which he was accused of the 1994 murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. During the trial, O.J. was represented by his “Dream Team” of attorneys, which included Johnnie, Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian, F. Lee Bailey, Carl Douglas and others.

O.J. was eventually acquitted by a jury. The trial was watched by millions of viewers on the television and his acquittal drew polarizing reactions from both Black and White people who watched the trial intently.

Jay-Z‘s “The Story of O.J.” appears on the billionaire rhymer’s Grammy-nominated album, 4:44.

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