Megan Thee Stallion’s Mother’s Cemetery Increases Security


The cemetery where Megan Thee Stallion‘s mom is buried has reportedly increased security in the wake of the Houston rapper’s ongoing feud with Nicki Minaj.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Mom’s Cemetery Increases Security Following Nicki Minaj Beef

On Tuesday (Jan. 30), it was reported that the cemetery where Meg’s mom Holly Thomas was laid to rest after passing away from brain cancer in 2019—has increased security personnel at the grave site, per TMZ. Local authorities have also reportedly been notified and will keep watch over the area.

The update comes after Nicki’s Barbz supporters leaked the location of the cemetery on social media on Monday (Jan. 29), and encouraged people to go and vandalize the gravesite. The desecration would be in retaliation for Meg’s “Hiss” diss track she dropped on Friday (Jan. 26). Nicki returned fire with her “Big Foot” diss track on Sunday (Jan. 28).

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Nicki Minaj Accuses Megan Thee Stallion of Lying and Telling Her to Drink While Pregnant

The update comes after Nicki briefly commented on Meg’s mother during her relentless tirade against the Houston rapper last Friday. Prior to dropping “Big Foot,” Nicki Minaj jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and launched a series of scathing posts aimed at Megan Thee Stallion.

“Y’all wanna bring up family members???!! And lying on your dead mother?!?!! Lied to Gayle. Lied on & F**KED your best friend man?!!!!! Told me to drink & go to the clinic if I was pregnant. All b/c I wouldn’t let your funky butt pour liquor down my throat? B*ch think she a bully cuz she get a Roc Nation brunch every year. Be mad @ PARDI!!!!!!!!!! He told all your tea but u taking shots at my family? Bwahahhhahahaaaaaaa get up on yo good foot!!!!!! #PinkFriday2 PLATINUM go apologize to your mother nasty serpant! REPENT!!!!” Nicki wrote on X.

Meanwhile, Meg hasn’t said much since dropping off “Hiss.” She previously called in to The Breakfast Club on Friday but steered away from directly addressing the tension.

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Check out Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hiss” single below.

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