Here’s What Happened on Day 23 of the Young Thug YSL Trial


Young Thug and his codefendants in the YSL RICO case have returned for another court date.

Day 23 of the Young Thug YSL RICO Case

On Wednesday (Jan. 31), the Young Thug YSL RICO case continued for its third day this week at the Fulton County Superior Court. Thugger, born Jeffery Williams, and his five codefendants were all present and accounted for as witnesses continued their testimony regarding Young Thug and Gunna’s 2017 traffic stop.

  • Traffic Stop Evidence Presented to Jury

  • Judge Ural Glanville Yells at the State

On Tuesday (Jan. 30), the State attempted to bring up a separate 2018 traffic stop involving Young Thug where his car was pulled over in Atlanta for speeding. The prosecution alleged that the car trailing Thugga’s vehicle contained four men armed with high-powered rifles. The state sought to prove this incident was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy, but Judge Ural Glanville denied that evidence from being presented to the jury.

The prosecution then attempted to bring up the 2018 traffic stop again on Wednesday, and Judge Ural Glanville scolded the State for ignoring his ruling. “We covered this yesterday,” the Judge said. “Stop trying to get into it. I’m still not convinced. So, you shouldn’t testify about why he was there. It’s not relevant at this point and time, because what it does is it invites and opens the doors to the weapons. You’re not gonna do that.”

  • Officer Fikes Cross-Examined by Defense

  • State and Defense Argue Over Bringing Back Officer Belknap

Atlanta Officer Belknap, an 18-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department, as well as Vice President of the Georgia Gang Investigators Association, had previously testified as a witness back in November of 2023. As a gang specialist, Belknap testified that YSL was a hybrid street gang and gave the jury general oversight into gang culture.

The State said in closing that on Thursday (Feb. 1) they planned to bring Belknap back as a witness again, this time as a star witness. Once the jury was dismissed for the day, the defense spoke at length with Judge Glanville protesting this motion, calling it unnecessary. However, Judge Glanville said he was leaning towards allowing Officer Belknap to return to the witness stand.

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Young Thug Continues to Fight for His Freedom

Young Thug is facing multiple charges including violating Georgia’s RICO Act. Prosecutors will attempt to prove that Thug and five other codefendants used the YSL record label as a front for violent gang activity. The state claims YSL has committed numerous violent crimes throughout Atlanta, including armed robbery, conspiring to murder, and participating in criminal street gang activity. A jury of 12, including seven Black women, two White women, two Black men and one White man, will decide whether Thug is guilty or not. The trial is expected to last several weeks.

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Watch Day 23 of the Young Thug YSL Trial below.

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