Loe Shimmy Lives Up To His Potential In Recent Music Video For “Playboi Carti”

Up-and-comer Hip Hop artist, Loe Shimmy always knows how to entertain an audience, especially this year, he’s been shining brighter than ever, releasing back-to-back singles like  “Wake Em up,” “Not the same,” “On the Run,” and more recently “Playboi Carti.”

The rap track comes with an exciting music video shot by IWANTJUAN that features Loe Shimmy living the best time of his life. After a lot of hard work and effort, it’s only fair for the artist to enjoy himself and collect the fruits of his labor.

“I bought my Glock a 50 clip because you never know,” raps Loe, who has taken a slightly different approach for his latest; “Playboi Carti.” The song is more chill and amplifies the raspiness of his voice.

Joining him in the fun is American rapper Kodak Black who makes an appearance in the video. Although the young talent doesn’t rap a verse in this one, their previous collaboration  “Bounty” was a huge success, garnering hundreds of thousands of views and streams across different platforms.

Loe Shimmy owes his newly acquired fame to his mindset and demeanor. “Stay in my lane, keep grinding and support those who support me: family, friends, fans! All anyone can do is do their best,” says the young rapper, hoping to continue on the right path and release more tracks in the future, which may be sooner than expected as “Fallin” is set to come out on December 30, 2022.

Watch the official video for “Playboi Carti” on YouTube: