Cavalli Boss Releases A 19-Track Power-Album Titled No Diamonds Allowed

Fast-rising Hip-Hop artist Cavalli Boss ends the year in full-force and releases a full collection of tracks under the album No Diamonds Allowed. Home to no less than 19 tracks, this new LP sees its creator unleash an enormous effort in which each track is positioned perfectly for a flowing full listening experience. 

The album follows-up to previously released tracks “Angel Numbers,” “Pink Cocaine,”  “Missing Halo,” and “Drip Holy Water,” adding an impressive body of work for fans’ delight. 

Speaking about the new LP, he shares: “I put my soul into my music. I try not to treat projects as work more like art. I feel like Basquiat when I paint pictures. You have to block outside influences. So when people hear my music they know it’s Cavalli Boss.”

A revolutionary artist at heart, Cavalli fights against all forms of injustice and inequality through his music, and seeks to empower his audience with carefully curated messages that challenge established world systems. 

From Hip-Hop to cloud rap and southern phonk, he juggles between multiple sub-genres, all together resulting in a rich and versatile sound, as most powerfully heard on tracks like “Cemetery Full of Rolexes” and “Basquiat’s Girlfriend.“ 

A must-listen album, No Diamonds Allowed is set to become timeless and assess the greatness of its creator, the one and only Cavalli Boss.