Lil Durk Reminds People to ‘Shut the F**k Up’ When Arrested


Lil Durk has a public service announcement to all those who may be arrested now or in the future. He’s reminding people to “shut the fuck up.”

On Sunday (Feb.19), Lil Durk hit up his Instagram Story with a friendly reminder for his 14 million followers. The Chicago rapper is of the opinion that when an individual finds themselves in a situation regarding authorities, it’s best to keep a tight lip the whole way through.

At a time when snitching on yourself and others in certain legal situations appear to be a constant topic of conversation in the hip-hop world, Lil Durk took it upon himself to be the voice of reason. The Only The Family frontman advises anyone who may encounter a run-in with the law that in most cases, silence speaks volumes and that one simple philosophy can save people from a world of legal trouble.

“Just shut the f#ck up and you good,” declared Lil Durk on his Instagram Story pictured below. “#TheVoice2.0”

Durkio accompanied the very straightforward P.S.A. with a specific receipt proving that the “Federal Nightmares” spitter is certainly no snitch. In fact, by sharing an official police report from a 2013 weapons charge, Lil Durk showed his followers exactly how keeping your mouth shut can get go a long way in staying out of lockdown.

“Read the offender his Miranda Warnings from memory,” reads the detective’s report posted below. “The offender refused to cooperate with the investigation and requested his attorney. Interview terminated.”

The interview with police Lil Durk refers to stems from an incident in which he was slapped with a gun charge but didn’t incriminate himself when questioned by authorities. In June of 2013, the Chi-Town native was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon after police allegedly saw him trying to toss a handgun in his car as they approached. Durk reportedly resolved that particular case in court with his attorney.

Just recently, Durkio was relieved from potentially career-damaging legal consequences yet again. Back in October of last year, Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney announced that they are no longer pursuing criminal charges against Lil Durk in connection to a shooting outside of an Atlanta restaurant in 2019. He was originally charged with a criminal attempt to commit murder.

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