Kanye West Grabs Woman’s Phone, Angrily Throws It on Street


Kanye West is in big trouble after getting into a verbal altercation with a woman and throwing her phone on the street after she wouldn’t stop recording him.

According to a TMZ report, published on Friday (Jan. 27), Kanye West is now named a suspect in a battery investigation with deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in California. This is after Ye got into a shouting match with a woman while on his way to his children’s basketball game. The altercation was captured on video.

In the clip, Kanye confronted the woman and questioned her for filming him in addition to invading his privacy. “Ya’ll ain’t gonna run up on me,” he told her as continued to film him with her phone. After exchanging more words, the Chicago rapper-producer grabbed her phone and threw it out onto the street. Kanye then confronted another person and demanded that he turn off his camera. The man obliged him and put down the camera.

It’s unclear if the woman in the video filed a police report against Kanye. However, police were reportedly called to the scene around 4:30 p.m. and were provided video evidence of the incident. The altercation apparently happened near a sports complex where North West was scheduled to play a basketball game.

XXL has reached out to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department and Ventura County District Attorney’s Office for comment.

Watch Kanye West Grab a Woman’s Phone and Throw It Below

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