Jade Latrice’s Soulfulness At Its Peak In “The More”

A follow-up to her 2022 buzzing string of hits including “I Choose Me” and “Pull Up,” “The More” is talented r&b singer-songwriter Jade Latrice’s latest urban masterpiece. 

The Chicago-native has been on the high rise lately, blessing her audience with her versatile skills, from her lyrical prowess to her relatable narratives, each time hitting the sweet spot. 

The consistency and pace with which she has been evolving are truly impressive, as Jade relentlessly crafts unbelievably gorgeous r&b crossover hits that withstand times and trends. 

“The More” is no exception to that, and offers music lovers a wonderfully relatable story in which two lovers’ attraction slowly fades due to life’s circumstances. 

Jade Latrice’s undeniable energy and ability to trigger profound feelings will make you play her new single in rotation.