Is Future and Metro Boomin’s Album a Big Middle Finger to Drake?


A week after its release, Future and Metro Boomin‘s new album, We Don’t Trust You, still has the rap world abuzz. People are coming up with their own theories that the whole album could be one big full-blown conspiratorial plot to wave a middle finger at one of the biggest artists on the planet: Drake. Grab that tinfoil hat and let’s dive in.

The Motive

There clearly seems to be some sort of rift between both Drake and Future, and Drake and Metro. The Metro and Drake drama played out on social media in the months leading up to the album’s release, with both of them taking veiled shots on social media. Metro downplayed the beef at one point, but Drake hasn’t.

Future and Drake also seem to be at odds. The once-dynamic duo hasn’t collaborated since 2022’s Grammy-winning single “Wait for U” featuring Tems. There has been speculation that Drizzy and Hendrix have had issues since shortly after the release of that track. Word on road is that the dispute is over a woman.

The Players

Future and Metro aren’t the only people who appear to have issues with Drake on this album. In fact, there is only one person featured on the album who has not had an issue with Drake: Playboi Carti.

Future and Metro knowingly let Kendrick Lamar diss Drake on the album song “Like That,” which has turned into one of the most talked-about rap verses of 2024. The Weeknd and Drake have had issues. Drake and Rick Ross were frequent collaborators. However, after We Don’t Trust You dropped, fans noticed that Rozay and Drake had unfollowed each other on Instagram. Things seemed to be kosher between Drake and Travis Scott. Yet, La Flame urged Future to play the Kendrick diss during Rolling Loud California last week.

The Clues

On top of the key players involved mostly having had issues with Drake in the past, another clue might be in the title: We Don’t Trust You. The title is clearly a play on Metro Boomin’s famous producer tag. It could also be a statement to Drake, as Future and Drake’s beef is speculated to be due to pillow talking to a woman.

The title track for the album also might contain shots fired at the For All the Dogs rapper.

“You a n***a number one fan, dog,” Future raps. “Sneak dissin’, I don’t understand, dog/Pillow talkin’, actin’ like a fed, dog/I don’t need another fake friend, dog/Can’t be ’bout a ho, ’cause we sharin’, dog/In you feelings, n***a, why you playin’, dog?”

The song titles might hold another clue. Looking into the song names on We Don’t Trust You and comparing them to the song titles on Drake’s past albums, there appears to be a connection. For instance, Drake has songs titled “Slime You Out,” “Furthest Thing, “The Shoes Fits,” “Trust Issues,” “Won’t Be Late,” “Running Out of Time” and “Treacherous Twins.” Future and Metro’s album contains the songs titles “Slimed In,” “Clostaphobic,” “Cinderella,” “We Don’t Trust You,” “Running Out of Time” and “Where My Twin At.” Coincidence?

Did Future and Metro get Drake’s foes to form like Voltron for an epic subliminal shot to the dome disguised as an album? You be the judge.

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