Drake Shoots Fake Gunfire at Travis Scott Prop


Drake is seen in a video shooting fake gunfire at a Travis Scott prop during a recent performance, but he’s apparently been doing that.

Drake Shoots Fake Gunfire at Travis Scott Prop

On Monday (April 1), a video emerged online of Drake shooting fake gunfire at an inflated Travis Scott head during a fiery performance of the latter’s song “Meltdown.” The video caused fans to assume Drake did it due to some rumored tensions he may or may not have with Travis Scott over Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That” verse. However, other fans who had been to previous Drake shows on his It’s All a Blur Tour – Big as the What? noted the 6 God had done it during every show.

Regardless, things could be tense between La Flame and Drizzy. Video emerged last week of Trav pushing for Future and Metro Boomin to debut Kendrick Lamar’s alleged Drake diss during their performance at Rolling Loud California. While Metro and Pluto ended up only playing a snippet of the track, it was enough to get fans thinking that maybe Travis Scott was beefing with Drake, too.

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Kendrick Lamar Allegedly Has Full Drake Diss Ready to Go

Kendrick Lamar appeared on Future and Metro’s new album We Don’t Trust You, which dropped on March 22. On the track “Like That,” Kendrick appeared to take aim at Drake and J. Cole. Streamer Adin Ross said that’s likely just the beginning because he heard that Kendrick’s got a full-blown diss track for Drake locked in the vault.

“Last couple nights I’ve been going out,” Ross began. “And I bumped into somebody who’s very close on this Kendrick, Drake situation and there’s a bird on the street that Kendrick already has a full-on diss track ready to drop for Drake. Kendrick, I’m a fan of hip-hop and if you’re gonna diss Drake drop that s**t!”

J. Cole hasn’t made a peep since the song dropped, but Drake has made numerous subliminal digs at his enemies. Most notably on Instagram last week, Drake said he was “ready to go to war” against the opps if it came down to that.

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Watch Drake shoot fake gunfire at a Travis Scott prop below.

Watch Drake Shoot Fake Gunfire at Travis Scott Prop

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