Dylan Joseph Releases Music Video For ‘Bonfires, Beers & The Boys’

Hailing from Thousand Oaks, California, our country boy Dylan Joseph dropped a 4th Of July inspired track and music video for ‘Bonfires, Beers & The Boys.’ The song represents all Dylan Joseph’s best qualities: it’s based on his personal experiences, features rock’n’roll’s strength, and country charm. The music video for ‘Bonfires, Beers & The Boys’ showcases him enjoying his time with friends, having fun, and catching up while having a bonfire. 

Dylan explained the meaning, and message that stands behind the song: 

I wrote this song with a buddy of mine when he came back from overseas, fighting for our country. I love how this song just came so naturally, we decided to hangout one night, lit a bonfire and wrote some music and this is what came out. We wrote this at the location where my family lost our home in the wildfires that happened, and this song is really all about having a good time. Being with good friends is all you need!

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