Drake Disputes Podcasters’ Debate That Scorpion Is His Worst LP


Drake wants it known that his 2018 project, Scorpion, is not his worst album.

Last month, the Shots Taken podcast discussed a viral TikTok video of someone claiming that Drake doesn’t have a classic album. This prompted the hosts to call the critique “the dumbest s**t ever” and rattle off two of Drizzy’s beloved albums: Take Care and Nothing Was the Same.

But then the podcasters had a lively debate about Drake‘s worst album, which they agreed was his 2018 effort Scorpion. Although the podcasters felt it was his worst, they doubled down and said the album did have a few bangers on it. They cited “God’s Plan” and “Nice for What” as two standout tracks.

“If you compare him to other artists, this is probably still a better album than a lot of [other] people’s albums,” said one of the hosts.

Drake saw the podcaster’s video on their show’s Instagram account and decided to defend his Scorpion album in the comment section.

“Gods Plan, In My Feelings, Nice For What, Nonstop, Jaded, Is There More, Sandra’s Rose, That’s How You, Feel, Emotionless…… slappppps on [Scorpio emoji],” he wrote.

Drake’s Scorpion was the biggest album in 2018. It garnered 4.572 billion on-demand audio streams that year. His uplifting track “God’s Plan” was the most-streamed song of 2018 with 918 million on-demand streams, while his viral hit “In My Feelings” garnered 1.1 billion streams, most likely from the viral dance video from Instagram celebrity Shiggy.

But what is Drake‘s classic album?

Watch Podcaster Debate About Scorpion Being Drake’s Worst Album Below

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