Cardi B Proudly Displays Kulture’s School Lunch, Fans React


Cardi B recently shared Kulture‘s expansive school lunch selection on social media and fans are having some wild reactions.

On Tuesday (May 23), Cardi B shared a collage of photos showing off what she packs her and Offset‘s 4-year-old daughter Kulture for school lunch. One photo shows a plastic container of fruit along with cereal, Kellogg’s Froot Loops milk, chicken nuggets, broccoli and what looks like homemade macaronic and cheese. A second photo shows another abundance of options including crackers, corn on the cob, pasta, string cheese, Jell-O and various drink choices. The third photo shows a selection similar to the first with the addition of chips and M&Ms.

“Kulture school lunch be everything,” Cardi B captioned the post.

Fan started offering their unsolicited opinions on the Cardi B Kulture meals in the comments of the post.

“So she’s overeating…? I’m sorry it looks delicious but that’s way too much food for a little kid,” one Twitter user wrote.

“This is, without hyperbole, more than I eat in most days,” another person shared.

“Can this be my school lunch?” another tweet reads.

“How you rich and got your kid on the obese american diet lmaooo wtf,” someone else shared.

Earlir this month, Cardi B showed video of her making a viral spicy bowl for Offset and the kids.

See Cardi B Showing Off Kulture’s School Lunch and Reactions Below

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