Cardi And Nicky Better Watch Out! Lomijoh Cleans The Female Rap Game With New Track Titled ‘Lil Bossy’

The female rap music scene is doing great in 2020, and we are glad to discover new players in the game every day. Lomijoh is one to have a closer look at, so Cardi and Nicki, you better watch out! 

The NYC based, French-Cameroonian artist took some time to expose her inner rapper. Starting as a professional tennis player, transitioning into worldwide modeling, she has finally released her debut soul single ‘Don’t Let It Go’ in April 2020. 

Now, with a release of the single ‘Lil Bossy,’ Lomijoh surprises her fan base with a brand new image – a fierce MC delivering a fire flow. ‘Lil Bossy’ is a precise and well-produced hip-hop track. It serves very personal and lavishly emotional lyrics, and on the single, Lomijoh empowers women to be bossy and stop being afraid of what they want. 

Vibe with ‘Lil Bossy’s’ bouncy beat and expose your lil bossy attitude below: