Cam’ron Slams Melyssa Ford and Joe Budden for Podcast Slander


Cam’ron goes off on Melyssa Ford and Joe Budden on Instagram Live for airing a podcast where they slandered his good name.

Cam’ron Slams Melyssa Ford and Joe Budden for Podcast Slander

On Thursday (Dec. 7), Cam’ron jumped on Instagram Live and aired out Melyssa Ford of The Joe Budden Podcast for slandering his and Ma$e’s name by insinuating they had sex with underage prostitutes. The Harlem, N.Y. rapper was addressing the former model for her comments regarding a segment she watched on the duo’s popular sports podcast, It Is What It Is, where Cam told a story about him and Ma$e having a threesome with a sex worker at a brothel back in the 1990s.

“Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that whore house?” Ford asked on TJBP episode.

Although Ford apologized for her remarks, Cam’ron was not having it and slammed her for disparaging his name.

“First of all, I only like older b****s. Second of all, it was 1992—we were underage! I just turned muthaf**king 16, he said in a video that can be viewed below.

Cam felt that Ford’s apology was “fake” and accused her of having sex with various men as a waitress, including allegedly with Ice-T.

“You can’t just say s**t like that and two days later be like, ‘Oh, my bad. I wasn’t thinking.’ You damn right you wasn’t thinking,” Cam stated.

“Why say that in the beginning?” he questioned. “You not even from here! You not even from this country!”

“I could’ve went straight to: Ice-T f**ked you in the bathroom for $2,000 when you was doing waitressing,” Cam added. “I didn’t even go there. You used to f**k in the bathroom at the Kit Kat Club or one of them old-a*s clubs. Stop, you a video vixen.”

Cam’ron also went in on Joe Budden for not editing out Ford’s slander of him. The Dispet leader also ripped into The Joe Budden Podcast co-host QueenzFlip for defending Ford in a now-since deleted video.

Cam threw another shot at Joe and the rest of his podcast crew for being washed up.

“Shoutout to Joe Budden for hiring all these washed-up n***as. You could open a dry cleaning business, n***a,” he said.

Cam also added that he’s thinking about suing them for defamation.

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Cam’ron Warns Melyssa Ford About Her Comments

On Tuesday (Dec. 5), Cam’ron called out Melyssa Ford on an episode of his sports podcast, It Is What It Is, for her comments about him and Ma$e. The rapper-turned-podcaster threatened to deport her as well.

“Be careful,” Killa warned. “I tell you one thing, I know a lot of people in ICE. Snipers, sharpshooters and I know people in ICE. I’ll have you escorted back across the border. Be careful. It scream desperation, but we’ll get a petition to get you out the country. Cut it out. I’ll get her out the country. I’ll make two calls, man.”

He double down with the disrespect on Instagram on Wednesday (Dec. 6). Cam uploaded a since-deleted photo on his IG page that shows him posing with Melyssa Ford on what appears to be the red carpet at an event. He captioned the post: “I told the b***h ‘don’t touch me’ when we took this pic. F**k you and ya apology!! Stay strong and Stand on business!! We just busy at the moment, we’ll get to you soon boo and nothing violent!! Before you accuse us of more shit that’s inaccurate.”

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Watch Cam’ron go ballistic on Melyssa Ford, Joe Budden and others for their podcast slander below.

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