Boosie Picks Favorites Out of 20 Women in Front of Him


Boosie BadAzz was recently tasked with picking his favorite out of 20 women on a YouTube show and hilarity ensued.

20 Women Vs. Boosie

On Sunday (Dec. 3), YouTube channel Ryanwitdasauce shared a new video titled: 20 Women vs. 1 Rapper: Boosie BadAzz. During the hour-long video, which can be seen below, the Louisiana rapper had the opportunity to keep or pass on a group of 20 women after having a short one-on-one with each of them. Boosie said some pretty wild things during the brief interactions.

One woman asked for Boosie’s advice about getting revenge for a stolen purse, to which the rapper responded, “If you can’t handle prison, you don’t need to get it in blood. Because, if you go to prison, you ain’t gon’ be able to handle it. They gon’ be taking your store. Sucking on your p***y. You gon’ have b***hes with braids like Queen Latifah on Set It Off. I’m letting you know. So, you don’t need to get it in blood.”

Another woman was hesitant in her delivery, so Boosie came up with his own description  for her based off her looks.

“East Coast, New York swag,” Boosie surmised. “Your man f**k over you, you ready to stab him. You bust windows.”

Boosie eliminated 13 women in the first round and picked from the seven left. He ended up not being able to choose one and selected five women.

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Boosie Makes Headlines for Comment About Daughter’s Relationship

Boosie recently made headlines for comments he made to his daughter’s boyfriend where he noted, “You can cheat on her, but don’t beat on her,”

After facing backlash, Boosie clarified his comments in a video on social media. 

“I’m not the type of daddy that gonna get in my daughter’s relationships about no cheating or nothing like that,” he said. “But if you beat on her, then that’s a different thing, that’s my problem.”

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See Boosie pick his favorites out of 20 women and the hilarious conversations below.

Watch 20 Women vs. Boosie Badazz

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