Blueface Asks Pilot to Land Private Jet Early to Get McDonald’s


Blueface was so hungry that he forced a private jet to land early so he could grab a quick burger from McDonald’s. The detour reportedly cost the rapper $10,000.

Blueface Pays $10,000 to Force Private Jet to Land Early So He Can Grab McDonald’s

On Monday (Nov. 27), Blue and his rapper fiancée Jordyn Alexis were embarking on a PJ flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. In a video shared on his Instagram Story, the “Thotiana” rapper began to plead with the pilot to land early because he was so hungry.

“Bruh, I’m hungry. Aye, tell the pilot to stop and get me a burger real quick, bro,” Blueface says in the video below.

An audibly frustrated colleague of Blue’s reminds him that they’re on their way to L.A., and that the fee to turn the plane around would be about $10,000.

“Turn around? The f**k we gonna turn around for?” Blueface questions. “Tell him to land this muthaf**ka right here in Atlanta, bro. I’m gonna get a burger real quick, bro.”

In a follow-up video, Blue is seen returning to a private jet with his McDonald’s order, which included a large fries.

“This McDonald’s right here cost me $10,000 just for this little burger,” Blue said as he walked on the tarmac. “I’m a Schoolyard Crip, I’m really him. Dead homies, $10,000 just for a burger. It’s a combo though, you know.”

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Blueface’s Mom Says She’s Starting OnlyFans

While Blueface seemed unphased during his expensive McDonald’s trip, Blueface’s mom said on Sunday (Nov. 26) that she’d be starting an OnlyFans account on her son’s birthday next year.

Karlissa Saffold Harvey went on Instagram Live to make the announcement and said she is going to launch her page on Blue’s upcoming 26th birthday on Jan. 20, 2024. The matriarch said that she would need a personal trainer to get in shape for the launch, but added that the person would have to work for free.

She jokingly added that Blueface would appreciate her having an OnlyFans since he has called her a whore.

“Let’s show them how these whores do it,” she stated. “Ain’t that what he called me? Show him and Dre how it’s done.”

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Watch Blueface ask his pilot to land a private jet early below.

Watch Blueface Ask Pilot to Land Private Jet So He Can Grab McDonald’s

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