50 Cent Trolls Diddy With Video of Puff Patting Jay-Z’s Butt


50 Cent continues to clown Diddy on social media with a video of Puff patting Jay-Z‘s butt during a concert.

50 Cent Clowns Diddy With Video of Puff Patting Jay-Z’s Butt

On Monday (Nov. 27), 50 Cent hit up Instagram with the latest set of jokes in his two-week-long trolling session aimed at Diddy. Fif took the time out of his busy international touring schedule to dig up concert footage from Screamfest ’07, a 2007 summer tour 50 performed on with T.I.

In the clip below, 50 Cent is seen walking around the stage while T.I. addresses that particular evening’s special guests, Diddy and Jay-Z. As the camera pans over to Tip and Jay, Diddy, dressed in a flashy yellow jacket, reaches out and smacks Hov’s backside multiple times.

“20 machine guns, only get 10 months, Diddy in the Back, pattin on n***as butts,” 50 Cent captions the video. “Nah I ain’t wit it, I ain’t never been wit it. Barz LOL.”

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T.I. Catches a Stray While 50 Cent Clowns Diddy

Jay-Z isn’t the only rapper involved in 50 Cent’s most recent shot fired at Diddy. T.I., who headlined Screamfest ’07 and appears in the clip below, also caught a stray in the process. The rhyme with which 50 captioned the butt-patting video is in reference to G-Unit’s 2008 song “You So Tough.” On the track, 50 Cent uses his lyrics to imply that Tip is a police informant.

“What’s today’s mathematics?” 50 Cent raps. “S**t ain’t addin’ up/Get knocked with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months.”

Why Is 50 Cent Going So Hard at Diddy Recently?

50 Cent has been going in on Diddy nonstop for nearly two weeks in the wake of a disturbing lawsuit brought against the Bad Boy Entertainment mogul by his former girlfriend Cassie on Nov. 16. The singer accused Diddy of years of sexual assault and physical abuse but the lawsuit was settled out of court within 24 hours. In the days since, 50 Cent has relentlessly taunted Puff with social media posts.

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Check out 50’s IG post below to see him clown Diddy for patting Jay-Z’s rear end.

See 50 Cent Clown Diddy and Watch the Video of Puff Patting Jay-Z’s Butt During a Concert

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