Bizarre Moments in the YSL Trial, the Wildest Trial in Hip-Hop


Young Thug’s YSL RICO Trial will go down as the wildest legal case in hip-hop history.

Since January, which marked the beginning of the YSL RICO Trial, chaos and mayhem have erupted during the proceedings. Astonishingly, after four months of jury selection, not one single jury has been seated.

During the proceedings, some of the most outrageous conduct in the courtroom was displayed by jurors, defendants and attorneys. At one point for jury selection, Young Thug was involved in an alleged “hand-to-hand” drug exchange with his YSL codefendant Kahlieff Adams. The brazen act was caught on camera. Deputies confronted Thug and he gave them the pill while Adams was whisked away to be searched.

Judge Ural Glanville, who is presiding over the YSL case, experienced some bizarre moments in the courtroom as well. During a hearing, Judge Glanville punished a juror who decided to take a trip to Dominican Republic instead of going to jury duty. When the woman returned to court, the judge ordered her to complete a 30-page essay on the importance of jury duty. Judge Glanville gave her strict guidelines for the paper, which included it being written in APA style with 10 primary sources and 10 secondary sources.

In April, an attorney was arrested for bringing contraband into the courtroom and assaulting an officer. According to WSB-TV, attorney Anastasios Manettas, who was representing YSL co-defendant Miles Farley aka Lil Miles, was allegedly caught with prescription pills in court. Before deputies could place Manettas in handcuffs, he tossed his cell phone at another attorney so it wouldn’t be seized, but it struck a deputy in the head instead. Manettas was charged with two counts of pills not in their original container, one count of obstruction and one count of simple battery against a law enforcement officer.

We can’t make any of this up, folks. The trial gets weirder by the day. So XXL listed some of the wildest moments in the YSL RICO trial below. Check it out below.

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