Adam Wedd feat. Blacksmith – Madman

London, UK – Adam Wedd is a name that might ring a bell, As he’s shared the state with artist’s like Ed Sheeran, members of Bastille and Luke SItal-Singh. Adam has recently finished a US / Euro tour and is now hitting us with his newest visual for his single “Madman” featuring Blacksmith.

Blacksmith is another name you might be familiar with, Spiking the iTunes charts in Italy and Germany with a #1 smash hit, Teaming up with Adam they’ve given us an amazing record that you’ll have on replay and adding to your playlist.

Madman is a record about regret, loss and loneliness and trying to get someone back that you’ve parted ways with and fully regret the situation. Trying to mend a situation. If you’ve ever been through a breakup or are going through one right now this song will relate to you more than anything else right now.

Madman is one of my new favorite songs that we’ve stumbled across and hits right at home. Check out the song on Soundcloud, Spotify, and make sure you follow the artist’s on social media listed below. Let us know in the comments below what you’re thinking about this one!

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