217Vinci Impresses In New Heartfelt Track “Memories”

Boston-based singer-songwriter 217Vinci impresses his fans with a new melodic hit single titled “Memories.” With a gorgeous music video accompanying the heartfelt track, 217Vinci has managed to combine all the elements for a successful release. From the incredibly catchy chorus to the rapping moments and the outstanding soundscape, “Memories” is a major single that will rapidly increase the popularity of one of the genre’s most promising artists. 

Known for tracks like “Hottest In My City,” “Extended Ft Baby Hot,” “Thinking,” “Navy Blue,” and above all “Hunnit Steppas,” 217Vinci first caught the public’s attention with his debut EP Crack Baby, released in 2021. 

His genre-stretching approach and versatile executions, whether he is rapping or singing, make him one of the few artists out there capable of excelling in almost everything he does. 

But more than anything else, it is his ability to trigger emotion that has allowed him to consistently expand his reach in the game, and we are more than excited to follow his journey in the coming years.