15 Times Rappers Dissed the Media in Their Lyrics


Ever since MC Shan and KRS-One traded the first pair of recorded diss tracks with “The Bridge” and “South Bronx,” respectively, back in 1986, competitive MCs have continued to find ways to creatively bash and insult their adversaries over the years.

However, while rappers have long targeted each other in their music, they have also taken aim at various media outlets over the years. Whether the MC’s issue has been with their own portrayal in the news or there was just an overall discontentment with the organizations themselves, many of today’s greatest rappers have never hesitated to call out the media by name.

Eminem has always name-dropped his foes in his music, and has made it known over the span of his career that he’s not a fan of The Source Magazine, MTV, BET or other similar outlets. Kendrick Lamar has heavily lamented against Fox News in his music, at one point even targeting the outlet’s political commentator Geraldo Rivera who had criticized him. Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z have also used their music to accost and clown Bill O’Reilly, the disgraced Fox News commentator who was ousted from his role after a slew of sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. Lupe Fiasco has never shied away from criticizing media or the government, and throughout numerous tracks has taken aim at the political fabric of the country.

Needless to say, there are a few noteworthy instances of rappers tearing down the media, including this very publication. See15 rappers who have directly targeted the media in their music below.

See 15 Times Rappers Dissed the Media in Their Lyrics