Kodak Black’s Artist Vvsnce Disputes Latto’s Claims in Interview


Kodak Black‘s artist Vvsnce has called out Latto for claiming in an interview that she’s all about uplifting rising female rap artists.

On Sunday (Feb. 26), Vvsnce hopped on her Instagram Story and posted an image of a Shade Room post highlighting a quote from Latto’s Billboard interview where she stated that she wants to uplift new female rappers and in doing so she doesn’t charge for feature verses. According to Vvsnce, that’s a lie.

“Everybody keep taggin me in this shit,” she wrote in her caption. “Idc bout no feature from her or nobody else. She did do that lame shit tho [rolling eyes emoji].”

“‘I don’t work with new female artist’ was her EXACT words,” she continued. “That’s the real reason she was mad at Yak! She had to pay for that song on her album cuz she ain’t wanna do a song with me [two tears of joy emojis].”

What Vvsnce may be referring to is Kodak’s producer Dyryk alleging in March of 2022 that Latto wanted to do a feature with Kodak but he suggested a swap for a female artist on his label in exchange for a verse at a lower fee. Latto declined the offer.

In a series of videos on her IG Story, Vvsnce disputes Latto’s claims in the Billboard interview that the “Big Energy” rapper wants to uplift rising female artists on the way up.

“My personal experience and the reason why all that shit was going on with her and Yak. She didn’t want to do a song with a female artist,” Vvsnce said in her clip. “Not that I give a fuck cause I never give a fuck about doing a feature with nobody. Yak wanted me to do a song with her.”

Vvsnce added that Latto shouldn’t be boasting that she’s all about the girls but act differently when an up-and-coming female artist reaches out for a feature verse.

Latto has responded to Vvsnce’s allegations. In another IG Story, Vvsnce posted a text message between her and Latto.

“U coulda just asked me wassup yourself instead of believing what a nigga told you,” Latto wrote in the text message. “(These exchanges didn’t come til after a situation U clearly know nun about) I was told to come to his party in order to clear the verse first I said no & then they said a verse for an artist on his label of his choice & I said no. My lawyer got the proposal on paper word for word. Ion even know you.”

In response Vvsnce texted back” “Ion know you either so why would you expect me to contact you like we cool a sun cuz off rip it’s gone give I’m tryna check you bout not doing a song! You telling me not to listen to may business partner is crazy right or wrong I’m sliding with em rather I know the full story or not, the main thing was brought to my attention that you turned a down song with me.”

Vvsnce concluded: I’m not just a female artist, I’m a female artist from ATLANTA…you entitled to turn shit down as you please but don’t expect me to not speak my truth.”

Vvsnce captioned the post, “So nobody can’t twist my words, or I can’t twist theirs!”

This is, unfortunately, a very complicated issue here. Hopefully, it will get resolved amicably.

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