JGOTITT Debuts New Music Video ‘DRIPP’

It’s no wonder that Atlanta-native JGOTITT‘s fan base is rapidly growing. The rapper has just released his debut joint, “Dripp,” a breath of fresh air for the rap game, home to some fiery experiments, top notch mixes, and of course, his fearless flow. Confidence and professionalism pour out of everything he does, with “Dripp” acting as the peak of his creative explosion.

The music video goes hand-in-hand with the undeniable swag, intuition, and strong rap performance. His themes are relevant and relatable, while he talks about the good life, and everything he is now able to enjoy, be it a drink surrounded with the finest women or a night at the club.

His expression is sharp, straightforward, and unapologetically honest. His vision is clear, and “Dripp” is the pure embodiment of that. No doubt, we will see more mind-blowing releases in the coming months.